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When will I receive my first month's bill?
After your account has been active for at least 30 to 45 days.
When is my bill due?
Bills are issued monthly, and your due date will be 15 days from the bill date.
When does my bill become delinquent?
Delinquent notices are sent if payment is not received by the day following the due date.
What is the penalty for not paying my bill on time?

A 5% penalty is added to the amount due if the payment is late.

How is my bill accessed?
Each customer has a meter that is read electronically every month. This reading is uploaded into our meter reading software which subtracts the previous reading for that meter in order to calculate the total consumption for the billing period. These readings are downloaded into our billing software which then calculates your bill. It should be noted that each account goes through a series of reviews to ensure utmost accuracy.
How can I pay my bill?

You can pay your bill online, by phone, by automatic draft, by mail, in person, drive through or at our night depository.

Click here for complete information on how to pay your bill.

How do I set up automatic bank drafting?
Automatic bank drafting is a convenient way of paying your utility bill and there is no additional cost to you. Just log into your online account or fill out the authorization form. When filling out the form, you must provide a voided check or deposit ticket with the encoded bank number and bank account number. Each month on the due date, or the workday prior to a weekend or holiday due date, your bill will be automatically drafted. Unless otherwise specified, you will continue to receive a water bill every month so that you may monitor your water usage.

Click Here to download Form [PDF]
How do I view my payments and/or usage from the previous calendar year? The online payment system will display the last thirteen months of billing information. You can view this by logging into your account. For older information, please contact the Water Customer Service Department at 972-744-4120 or email us at
How do I open a new account?
Residential Customers:

To open a new account, apply online or come in to City Hall and complete an application for service. You will also need to pay a deposit. The deposit for residential customers is $50.00; if the location has a separate meter for irrigation an additional $45.00 deposit is required.


Commercial Customers:

Commercial customer deposits are based on the size of the meter and the type of business. At this time all commercial applications are made in person at City Hall.


Cash, check, and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express) are accepted for payment of deposit.


Deposits are held until service is terminated and it is then applied to the final billing. Interest on the deposit is applied to the customer account annually.

For further information please call 972-744-4120 or email us at
How do I transfer service?
Residential Customers

Online | 972-744-4120 or email us at

Commercial Customers
972-744-4120 or email us at

How do I disconnect service?

You will need to know when you want to discontinue service at your address. The security deposit plus interest will be credited to your final bill. If there is a remaining balance due, you will receive a final billing. If there is a credit balance, you will receive a final billing and a check from the City of Richardson.




Hours available: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. on workdays


Note: Before deciding on a disconnect date, please be aware we will be out any time during the disconnect day to cut off the meter. If you plan to do any cleaning you may want to schedule the termination of service for the next day.


For further information please call 972-744-4120 or
email us at

Why has my service stopped?

Water service may be terminated for any of the following reasons:

  • Failure to pay a bill;
  • Failure to pay a requested deposit;
  • Failure to arrange payment of a returned check;
  • Unauthorized connection to the water supply system;
  • Tampering with meters.
How do I get a 2-Way Cleanout installed?
The problem of sewer stoppages is a routine day-to-day occurrence, which we encounter while providing sewage collection service to the citizens of our community. The reasons for these stoppages are many and varied and the responsibility for maintenance is questionable

2 Way Statement [PDF]
How do I calculate my winter average?
Residential customers, who do not have a separate meter for irrigation, are billed sewer charges based on their average winter water consumption. November through February billings for the last three years are averaged. This average serves as the ceiling for sewer charges for the next year. If the water consumption for any month is less than the average, the sewer billing will be based on the lesser amount. By averaging winter usage customers are not billed sewer charges for water uses that do not impact the sewer system.

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