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Passport to Fun!
June 12-16

Course #: 94671               B/A Care #: 94679

Be with Kinder Camp to get your Passport to Fun for a Sizzlin' Summer. Join us to begin the summer globetrotting the world and the many vreative things summer has to offer.

Build Me a Hero
June 19-23
Course #: 94672                  B/A Care #: 94680

This week will be filled with exposure to real life neighborhood HEROES. We'll take a tour of fire engines, police cars, and have the real heroes come and share how they became superhuman.

Hocus Pocus
June 26-30
Course #: 94673                   B/A Care#: 94681

Does water really have skin? How can you make an egg turn to rubber? It's all about science this week! We're not the science guy, but this week campers will find answers to some of the things that make us go…"hmm?"

Around the World in 5 Days
July 3-7
Course #: 94674                    B/A Care #: 94682

Let’s play dress up this week. Dress in a variety of different outfits, and pretend to be whomever you want for the week. It will be fun!

*No camp on Tuesday, July 4!!! :-)

Two, Four, Six, Eight
 July 10-14
Course #: 94675             B/A Care #: 94683
Two legs! Four Legs! Six Legs! EIGHT LEGS!! YIKES!! This week is all about the BUGS. We'll track down some of the coolest insects and take a peak at how the world looks through their little eyes. Of course, we'll be throwing in the usual crazy BUG GAMES and some sweet BUG ART.

Life in the Blue!
July 17-21
Course #: 94676             B/A Care #: 94684

Who knows what we will find when we dive into the deep blue abyss. We will learn about all the crazy things that live in the great blue yonder and we'll have our own fun with bubbles, not to mention some really cool water games.

Silly Willy
July 24-July 28 Course #: 94677              B/A  Care #: 94685

Goofy tiaras, silly caps and hats…Pants that are too big, or socks with holes…Shirts of many colors and shoes that don't match. Dress up or down just come to be a clown for a week. We'll have so much fun you won't want to leave.

My Favorite Things
July 31- Aug. 4 Course #: 94678               B/A Care #: 94686
What do you like to play? What do you like to pretend to be? What's your absolute favorite thing to do? Bring your favorite games and ideas this week but don't forget we have our favorites too!! We'll end this summer with our famous PAJAMA JAM on Friday!
* Please note all activities & trips are subject to change without notice.
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