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Application and fee must be submitted together for an application to be processed.  Permit fees are nonrefundable, and permits are nontransferable.

Contact the Health Department during regular business hours at (972) 744-4080 if you experience difficulty with any application; OR,  if you have any questions.

Online applications require a credit/debit card.  

ATTENTION:  A charge in the amount of your permit fee will appear as HEALTH ONLINE on your credit card statement.


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     (RENEWALS only)

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 Permit Fee: Based on square footage
(see application or online renewal)

A Food Service Permit is required for all restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, etc., in addition to commercial child care facilities.   The permit is valid for one year.

If the establishment is new, or has a change in ownership, application cannot be submitted online. 

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(for exempt and nonexempt)

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Permit Fee:  $50.00

A Temporary Food Service Permit is required for all  food vendors  participating in a temporary, short term,  event that is open to the public (Wildflower Festival, Cottonwood Arts Festival, etc.).  A Temporary Permit....

  • is valid for a period not to exceed 14 days
  • is NOT required for private events
  • is NOT required for nonfood vendors
  • fee is exempt for nonprofit/charitable events

A separate permit is required for each event, and application must be received at least five business days prior to the event. 

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Permit Fee varies based on type of permit:

Food Vendor:  $50.00
Concession Food Vendor:  $250.00
Non-food Vendor:  No Annual Fee

If you aren't sure which type of vendor you are,
click HERE for further clarification.

The Temporary Open Air Market Operator and vendors approved by the operator, are required to obtain a health permit.  Vendors approved by the operator are responsible for obtaining a permit consistent with their type (see below).    A Temporary Open Air Market vendor is different than a vendor operating at a temporary festival or other short term event (see Temporary/Special Event Permit above for more information).

The permit is valid for one year.

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Permit Fee:    $200.00  Prepackaged
                        $350.00 Food preparation

An appointment is required:  (972) 744-4077

(online payment and application not available, application and payment taken when inspected)

A Mobile Vendor Permit  is required for all mobile food vendors. 

Permit is valid for one year.  Mobile food vendors...

  • are self-contained motorized vehicles
  • are either prepackaged/catering/ice cream; or, food preparation
  • are required to obtain a Solicitor Permit from the Police Department IF operating on any public right-of-way

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    (RENEWALS only)

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Permit Fee:  $50.00

A Registered Family Home Permit is required for all in-home child care providers.

Permit is valid for one year.

New caregivers must apply in person or by mail and schedule a preliminary inspection.

An application may also be required by the State of Texas, depending on the number of children in care.

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   (Renewals Only)

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The annual permit fee has changed:
$150.00 for each pool/spa on the property

A Public/Semi-public Swimming Pool Permit is required for all properties that have a swimming pool accessible:

  • to community residents; or,
  • to the public. 

Permit is valid for one year.  Annual renewal notices are mailed out each May. 

You can now be renew online.  You will need the street number of the location of the pool(s) and the permit number associated with the property.


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Permit Fee:  $150.00
Trip Ticket Books:  $15.00 ea

Please call for an appointment: (972) 744-4076

A Liquid Waste Hauler Permit is required for all liquid waste transporters. 

Permit is valid for one year.

Trip ticket books are required and are available at the Health Department.  An inspection of the truck is required.  Please bring completed application and permit fee with you to your appointment.



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