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When are the sirens activated?

  1. The National Weather Service issues a Richardson area Tornado Warning or Severe Thunderstorm Warning when destructive winds are at or above 70 mph.
  2. Trained storm spotters have reported a tornado with the potential to affect Richardson.
  3. Hail of 1.25 inches in diameter is imminent.
  4. Deemed necessary by City of Richardson officials (i.e. in the event of any emergency when officials need to get citizens to move indoors for their safety).

What do I do when I hear the sirens?

When you hear the sirens take cover immediately in a small room such as an interior bathroom or hall closet. Cover your head. If you are in a large building go to the most interior portion of the building. Close all doors and staying away from exterior windows and doors. Monitor the radio or television if possible.

Are 22 sirens enough to have citywide coverage?

The sirens cover 100% of the City.

Should I call 9-1-1?

Only if you have an emergency. Please do not use 9-1-1 to ask questions about the system, all questions may be routed to the Office of Emergency Management.

Should I hear the siren sound in my building or house?

It depends on your location to the siren; however, if you do not hear them indoors it does not mean the system is functioning improperly. Sirens are not designed or intended to penetrate structures for indoor warning. The sirens are meant to be heard outdoors and the purpose of the system is to get the attention of citizens who are outdoors so they will go indoors to seek shelter and further information regarding the emergency. The nearer you are to a siren, the more likely you may hear them inside a business or residence. For indoor warnings, a NOAA Weather Radio is recommended.

What other forms of warning should I consider?

We strongly urge you to purchase a NOAA Weather Radio. A radio that is designed to receive broadcasts from the local National Weather Service office. This is the best source of “Indoor Warning" you can have.

If I have any questions, whom can I call about the siren System?

Emergency Management Staff is available to address your questions at 972-744-0903.

Last updated: 1/20/2016 1:33:45 PM