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Closure Announcement
US 75 will be closed from Renner Rd. to 15th St. for Plano Parkway bridge improvements starting 3 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 11 through 5 a.m. Monday, Nov. 13. Future closures are expected throughout the project.
  • Highway: US 75 at President George Bush Turnpike
  • Length: 1.3 miles
  • Project Description: Eliminate the congestion that motorists encounter when transitioning between US 75 and the Bush Turnpike
  • Contractor: Zachry Construction Corp.
  • Total Cost: $37 million
  • Estimated completion: Early 2019

Work has started on a $37 million overhaul of the US 75 interchange at President George Bush Turnpike (PGBT).

The project, led by San Antonio-based Zachry Construction Corp., will reconfigure the ramps and merges at US 75 and the PGBT, one of DFW’s busiest interchanges. The work includes extending the railroad bridge just north of PGBT, constructing new auxiliary lanes and rebuilding the Plano Parkway bridge spanning US 75.

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** PGBT = President George Bush Turnpike

  • Exit PGBT at K Ave. / Plano Rd.
  • Turn right on US 75 Frontage Rd.
  • Enter US 75 north of Plano Parkway.
  • Exit PGBT at Alma Rd.
  • Turn left on Alma Rd.
  • Turn right on W. 15th St.
  • Turn left to enter US 75
  • Exit US 75 at Plano Parkway. (28A)
  • Turn right on W. Plano Parkway
  • Turn left on Alma Dr.
  • Turn right to enter PGBT.
  • Exit US 75 at Plano Parkway (28A) and continue under PGBT.
  • Turn left on E Renner Rd. and drive almost 2 miles.
  • Turn right on PGBT Eastbound Frontage Rd. and enter PGBT
  • Exit US 75 at Plano Parkway. (28A)
  • Stay on Frontage Rd.
  • Enter US 75 north of Plano Parkway.
  • Exit US 75 at Plano Parkway. (28A)
  • Stay on Frontage Rd.
  • Enter US 75 south of PGBT
  • Turn left on Alma Dr.
  • Turn right on Park Blvd.
  • Turn right on K Ave.
  • Turn left on Plano Parkway.
  • Turn right on K Ave./Municipal Ave.
  • Turn left on Park Blvd.
  • Turn left on Alma Dr.
  • Turn right on Plano Parkway.

Your travel will not be affected by lane closures.



US 75 Improvements Overall

Existing retaining walls along US 75 in the vicinity of Plano Parkway will be pushed back, allowing for construction of additional lanes to improve traffic flow between US 75 and PGBT.

Along northbound US 75, the additional lanes will allow for the existing traffic pattern to be reconfigured so that vehicles trying to exit onto 15th Street will not have to cross the path of traffic entering US 75 from PGBT.

Northbound motorists on US 75 trying to get to 15th Street will eventually have to use the Plano Parkway exit, farther south. Eliminating the current exit and creating an entry-only onto US 75 will ease traffic flow in that area, which now backs up with thousands of motorists trying to safely enter US 75 from PGBT, while at the same time, others try exiting US 75 to get to 15th Street.

On the southbound side, the existing entrance ramp from 15th Street will be relocated farther north and a new braided ramp will be constructed allowing traffic to enter and exit US 75 without having to merge with each other. With the braided ramp, the southbound US 75 on-ramp from 15th Street will weave under the southbound US 75 exit to Plano Parkway.

US 75 Improvements Flow

Last updated: 11/1/2017 10:51:09 AM