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The Traditional Finances page contains information required by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts to qualify for the Comptroller's Transparency Stars program. The City of Richardson has provided additional financial information that is not required by the Comptroller's program. This information will provide a broader understanding of the City's finances.

Traditional financial information contained on this page includes links to budgetary reports and audited financial reports, as well as information on the City's investments, financial policies and payroll data. Downloadable check registers and budgets allow interactive access to important financial information.  
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Most Recent Financial Information

The following financial information is taken from our 2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, from pages 31 and 35.

Governmental funds represent programs and services that benefit citizens and visitors, such as public safety, the library, parks and recreation, animal services and capital maintenance and renewal initiatives.  The costs of these services are primarily financed with property tax and sales tax revenues.  Proprietary funds rely on fees and charges for their support.  These funds include the provision of water service and trash collection.  Proprietary funds also include the activity of internal service funds that benefit the City's own operations, including the City's warehouse and insurance operations.  

Governmental funds report ongoing operations as revenues and expenditures.  Other financing sources/(uses) are used to report non-recurring items, including proceeds from debt issuance, the net effect of intrafund transfers, insurance recoveries, and sales of capital assets.  Proprietary funds report ongoing operations as operating revenues and operating expenses. Non-operating revenues/(expenses) include interest income and expense and sales of capital assets.  Capital contributions/transfers include infrastructure received from developers and the net effect of intrafund transfers.

 2016             Total        Per
     Property Taxes - Governmental  $78,762,275  $755
     Sales Tax - Governmental $33,660,185 $323
     Other Revenues - Governmental  $62,077,933  $595
     Operating Revenues - Proprietary            $91,948,461 $882
     Total Revenues: $266,448,854      $2,555
     Expenditures - Governmental  $203,207,072 $1,948
     Operating Expenses - Proprietary $91,654,181 $879
     Total Expenses:  $294,861,253  $2,827

 Other Items:    
      Other Financing Sources/(Uses) $37,931,346  $364
      Non-Operating Revenues/(Expenses) $(942,632)  $(9)
      Capital Contributions/Transfers $4,031,662  $39
      Total Other Items: $41,020,376  $394
 Other Information:    
      Full Time Equivalent Positions  1,024  
      2016 Population 104,300   

Historical Financial Information

This graph shows the revenue per capita for the last 5 fiscal years.

This graph shows the expenses per capita for the last 5 fiscal years.

This graph shows the property tax assessed per $100 of value for the 5 fiscal years.

Budget Information
The budget page contains presentations and preparatory information as well as the proposed and adopted budgets for current and previous fiscal years, including downloadable budget data.  

Interactive Disbursements Database
This database provides information on the City’s check and electronic disbursements, credit card payments, and payroll disbursements. Detailed information is provided about each payment, such as the vendor the payment was made to, the amount of each payment, the department and the name of the account to which the payment was charged.  You may also download the check register data.

Financial Reports 
View or download copies of the City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) and Independent Auditors’ Reports on Federal and State Awards.

Tax Information 
Provides information about current local tax rates.

Payroll – Pay Plan 
Provides a searchable/downloadable list of positions and pay ranges approved for City positions. 

Payroll - Salaries 
Provides a database of current salaries for each position that is authorized in the City’s budget. 

Provides access to the City’s Investment Policy and Quarterly Investment Report. 

Financial Policy
The City of Richardson financial policies set forth the basic framework for the fiscal management of the City. These policies were developed within the parameters established by applicable provisions of the Texas Local Government Code and the City of Richardson City Charter. The policies are intended to assist the City Council and City staff in evaluating current activities and proposals for future programs.

Council Members 
Find information about your City Council, including contact information and links to agenda packets and other documents provided at each City Council Meeting and Worksession. Also, sign up for the City’s weekly E-Mail Newsletter. 

Open Records
The Texas Public Information Act gives the public the right to request access to government information. The request must ask for records or information already in existence. The "Open Records" link directs you to the City Secretary's webpage, where you may complete and submit a request for records. 

Texas Transparency
Provides a link to the State of Texas Comptroller’s website about transparency in government.

Unclaimed Property
Pursuant to Sec 76.201 of the Texas Property Code, the City of Richardson provides the names of those persons/entities for whom the City of Richardson is holding unclaimed property. (This list is updated quarterly.)

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