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Founded in 1952, the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) is a public service provided by a volunteer communications group within government agencies in times of extraordinary need. During periods of RACES activation, certified unpaid personnel are called upon to perform communications tasks for the government agencies they serve.

The Amateur Radio Regulations, Part 97, Subpart E, §97.407, were created by the FCC to describe RACES operations in detail.  

Please contact the Office of Emergency Management if you are interested in becoming a RACES member.

RACES Requirements:  
Richardson RACES appointment is open to all licensed radio amateurs that are residents of the City of Richardson, those persons whose normal place of employment is within the City of Richardson, or those persons living within a three-mile limit of the city limits. All appointments are based on passing a background check conducted by the Richardson Police Department.
To maintain their appointment to Richardson RACES each appointee is expected to:
  • Participate in a minimum of twelve training nets per year.
  • Attend NWS SKYWARN Spotter’s School at least once every two years.
  • Participate in at least one SET or one public service event of two hours or more duration each year.
  • Public service events include, marathons, holiday parades, bike-a-thons, etc. and/or participate in a minimum of 8 outdoor warning siren tests
  • Participate in City of Richardson training exercises.
  • Attend at least one physical RACES meeting per year.
  • Complete FEMA IS 100, 200, and 700.
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