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Current and pending projects for the City of Richardson

Advertised Projects - September 12, 2016
1.  Elevator Alteration & Modification of Library
     Staff Elevator - Bid #79-16

2.  Golf Course Roof Replacement: Pro Shop &
     Pavilion - Bid #01-17

3.  Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement - Bid #02-17



Awarded Projects - September 26, 2016
1. 2016 Bridge Rail Maintenance Project
    at KCS RR and Alma Dr. and KCS RR 
    and Richardson Dr. - Bid #68-16
    Contractor: Southern Road and Bridge LLC

2. Floyd Branch Channel Maintenance at
    Buckingham Rd. - Bid #70-16
    Contractor: TNT Farms and Landscaping, Inc.



  1. Cottonwood Lake Erosion Control Project Bid#59-16
    Contractor: Rock Solid Inc.
  2. Lamp Post Lane Storm Sewer and Water Improvements - Bid #64-16
    Contractor: NU-Way Construction
  3. Rebid of Grant Dr. and Merrie Cir. Waterline Bid #54-16
    Contractor: 3D Paving and Contracting LLC
  4. Rebid of Richardson Pedestrian Route Improvements Bid #38-16
    Contractor: Estrada Concrete Company LLC
  5. East Pond Outlet Repairs - Renner Road Ponds in Breckinridge Park Bid#60-16
    Contractor: R-Tex Services, LLC
  6. Eisemann Center Garage Parking Access and Revenue Control System Improvements Bid #36-16
    Contractor: BP Equipment Co.
  7. 2015 Residential Sidewalk Replacement Program Region 3 Bid #02-16
    Contractor: Ken-Do Contracting, LP
  8. Rebid of Arapaho Road Culverts Railing Replacement Bid #09-16
    Contractor: GHB Equipment Co., LLC
  9. 2010 Alley Rehabilitation Phase VIII (Worcester/Provincetown/Jolee/Lorrie) Bid #06-16
    Contractor: SAZ Infrastructure
  10. Vehicle Wash Building Upgrades Bid #33-16
    Contractor: SDB, Inc.
  11. 2010 Alley Rehabilitation Phase IX (Arapaho/Marilu/Lorrie/Hanbee) Bid #05-16
    Contractor: SAZ Infrastructure
  12. 2010 Alley Rehabilitation Phase VII (Laurel/Shenandoah & Misc. Alleys) Bid #73-16
    Contractor: 3D Paving & Contracting
  13. 2010 Bond Program Yale Park HOA Screening Wall Extension (Grant & N. Yale) Bid#65-15
    Contractor: Tracon Ventrues, Ltd
  14. Reservation HOA Bridge Enhancements: Melrose Drive at West Fork of Cottonwood Creek, and Mimosa Drive at Mimosa Park and Greenwood Hills HOA Screening Wall Extensions and Bridge Enhancements: 
    Campbell Road from Waterview Drive to N. Floyd Road - Bid #63-15 
    Contractor: GHB Equipment Co., LLC
  15. 2010 Neighborhood Vitality Bridge Improvements for the Greenwood CSP#903-15 
    Contractor: North Texas Contracting
  16. CityLine Extension, CSP #901-15 
    Contractor: Mario Sinacola & Sons



Last updated: 9/29/2016 10:47:33 AM