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Sec. 15-61. Unlawful acts.
Within the limits of any city park, it shall be unlawful for any person to do any of the acts
hereinafter specified, except as may be otherwise provided:

  1. To hitch, fasten, lead, drive, or let loose any animal, reptile, or fowl of any kind, provided that this shall not apply to dogs when led by a cord or chain, not more than six feet long.
  2. To ride or drive any horse or other animal, except in designated areas.
  3. To ride, drive, or go on any drive or street in any park at a speed greater than the posted speed limits, upon any bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, or any other vehicle whatsoever, or to ride or drive any such motorcycle, automobile, or other motorized vehicle upon any sidewalk, hike, or jogging trail or walk, except in designated areas.
  4. To carry or discharge any firearms, firecrackers, rockets, torpedoes, or any other fireworks, airguns, BB guns, bows and arrows, slingshots, paint-ball guns, or hit golf balls except in designated areas. 
  5. To damage, move, alter, cut, break, injure, deface, or disturb any tree, shrub, plant, rock, building, cage, pen, monument, fence, bench, equipment, or other structure, apparatus or property, or to pluck, pull up, cut, take, or remove any shrub, bush, plant or flower, or to mark or write upon, paint, or deface in any manner, any building, monument, fence, bench, equipment or other structure. 
  6. To cut or remove any wood, turf, grass, soil, rock, sand, gravel, or fertilizer. 
  7. To swim, bathe, wade in, or pollute the water of any fountain, pond, lake, or stream. 
  8. To make or kindle a fire except in picnic stoves, braziers, fire pits, or designated areas provided for that purpose. 
  9. To wash dishes or to empty salt water or other waste liquids elsewhere than in sinks provided for such purposes. 
  10. To place, abandon, or leave garbage, cans, bottles, papers, or other refuse in any park except in proper waste receptacles. 
  11. To participate or engage in any activity in any park area when such activity will create a danger to the public or may be considered a public nuisance. 
  12. To camp overnight. 
  13. To possess or consume any alcoholic beverage. 
  14. To disturb in any manner any picnic, meeting, service, concert, exercise, or exhibition. 
  15. To distribute, post, place, or erect any advertising, handbill, circular, bill, notice, paper, or other advertising device. 
  16. To sell or offer for sale any food, drinks, confections, merchandise, or services. 
  17. To practice, carry on, conduct, or solicit for any trade, occupation, business, or profession or to circulate any petition of whatsoever kind or character. 
  18. To remain, stay, or loiter in any park between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. of the following day, or remain, stay, or loiter in any park except during the posted hours of operation, if posted as open other than 5:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. of the same day.
  19. For any person over the age of six years to use the restrooms and washrooms designated for the opposite sex. 
  20. To place or dump any trash, refuse, solid waste, grass clippings, leaves, or other objectionable or unsightly matter in any park. 
  21. To allow an animal to defecate in the park without immediate removal and disposal of such feces in proper waste receptacles. 
  22. Seining minnows or fish from the creeks, ponds, and lakes in any park. 
  23. To abandon, place, remove, or injure any animal including any living creature, domestic or wild, including but not limited to dogs, cats, cows, horses, birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, fowls, and livestock, except fishing in designated areas. Fishing by adults is restricted to catch and release. 
  24. To use or operate any motorboat, boat, or watercraft on any creek, pond, lake, or water within any park. 
  25. To conduct any activity which places a person in or on any creek, pond, lake, or water within the park. 
  26. To use or operate any model airplane, boat, car, or other motorized model device, including radio-controlled devices; or helicopter, parasail, hang glider, or hot air balloon. Nonmotorized model sailboats are allowed. 
  27. Use of mechanical loudspeakers or amplified music, sound, or voices. 
  28. To conduct or participate in any tournament, camp, or organized sporting activity which has not been specifically authorized by the director or which conflicts with a scheduled activity or event authorized by the director. 
  29. To operate a motor-assisted scooter, as defined by V.T.C.A., Transportation Code, § 551.301, as amended, any where within the limits of any park except on sidewalks, and on paths set aside for the exclusive operation of bicycles.
    (Code 1966, § 14-5(A); Ord. No. 3235-A, § 1, 7-12-99; Ord. No. 3465, § 2, 5-24-04)

Sec. 15-62. Use of commercial vehicles, etc.
All vehicles used for the purpose of transporting freight and merchandise, or brick, stone or gravel, and all those commonly known as floats, moving wagons, express or delivery wagons are prohibited from entering upon or being driven through any of the public parks of the city, except by special permission of the director subject to appropriate conditions and safeguards.
(Code 1966, § 14-5(C))

Sec. 15-63. Parking vehicles.
No vehicle shall be driven over or across the curbs, sidewalks, grass or lawn within any park area unless signs permit. Parking is to be done in areas set aside for this purpose only. In areas having no parking set aside, all parking will take place outside of the boundary or curbline, where existing. Where parking stalls have been designated, all vehicles shall be parked on such lots within and between the lines designating a single
vehicle parking space and not otherwise. Where parking lots or areas withi n public parks of the city have been designated for head-in parking to front on a visible parking line without delineated single vehicle spaces, the front of the vehicle shall be placed on the parking line and as near as practicable to the side of the last parked vehicle in line. No vehicle shall be parked or left behind any other vehicle in the parking line or back of such
parking line in any manner so as to obstruct, block or hinder ingress or egress from the line. Officers of the police department of the city shall issue to violators of this section traffic tickets or notices to answer to charges in the manner prescribed by the applicable ordinances and the case shall proceed in accordance with such applicable sections. Where a vehicle is parked or left in violation of this section in such a manner as to obstruct or block traffic, and the owner or operator of the vehicle cannot be found, police officers of
the city may move the vehicle so that traffic will not be impeded. No variation to the requirements o f this section shall be allowed except by special permit issued by the director.
(Code 1966, § 14-5(D))

Sec. 15-64. City sponsored events.
City sponsored events or use of park and park facilities may be exempted from the requirements contained in sections 15-61, 15-62, and 15-63 upon written approval by the director.
(Ord. No. 2965-A, § 1, 1-24-94)

Sec. 15-65. Park facilities.

  • Use of park facilities, including but not limited to, fields, tennis courts, and pavilions, for tournaments, camps, organized sporting events, and games must be prescheduled with and approved by the director.
  • The director shall have the authority to issue special permits, grant exceptions, or waivers to any of the terms of section 15-61 for authorized events and activities.
  • No person shall advertise an event, meeting or activity or the time, permitted hours, or usage of an event, meeting, or activity to be held or conducted in a park facility unless such event, meeting or activity and advertisement of such event, meeting, or activity and the time, permitted hours, or usage have been approved by the director.
    (Ord. No. 3235-A, § 1, 7-12-99)
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