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Contact Information:
1260 Columbia Dr
Main Number: 972-744-4111
Answered 24/7


General Information:

Servicing Two-Way Cleanout
If the resident has had a two-way cleanout installed, the City crew will attempt to remove any stoppage in the connect. (Definition of “connect” is where the resident’s sewer line “connects” to the City’s main sewer line.) However, if the stoppage is anywhere from “the connect” to the resident’s sewer line, it is the responsibility of the homeowner or property owner to contact a plumber or contractor to unstop the line. There is no obligation on the City’s part to remove any stoppage from this area. (For more information regarding an installation of a two-way cleanout, call Customer Service at 972-744-4120.)

A Special Note: In the Winter Time and You Have No Running Water
If you live in a multi-family unit and find yourself without running water, check with your property maintenance crew prior to calling the City. They may have turned off the water while winterizing your property.

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Last updated: 6/19/2012 2:01:40 PM